Sunday, 15 December 2013

Burgundian men at arms (IV)

This is the fourth completed unit of men at arms to represent a Company of my Burgundian Ordonnance army.  All of these are from the Perrys plastic box. These will have a supporting rank of coustillers, carrying a few more flags and pennons; the production of which are largely dependant on the release of the Perry Miniatures 'light cavalry' plastics set (hopefully by the 'Salute' show in 2014?).  A Company flag will be added at a later date; not sure which one to represent at the moment, indeed the flagbearer figure is only currently attached with Bluetac and he may be reallocated to the second rank.

In retrospect, I'm pleased with how the addition of the plumes and cross of St Andrew have sufficiently 'burgundianised' these figures. The next mounted men at arms should be another command group, to represent the Bastard of Burgundy and I'm starting to compile some ideas and potential figures for these, but again am tempted to wait to see more Perry designs for the next plastics. In the meantime I've started on a couple of Perry waggons, for generic usage with any of my medieval figures.


  1. Splendid, absolutly splendid, the paintjob on the armors is excellent!!

  2. Terrific, wonderful. The red crosses and the plumes really have given them the Burgundian look and the Berne pavise on the ground is a super addition.
    Cannot wait to see the Coustillers


  3. These are great, your metal plumes really look the business! I too am keen to see the "light cavalry" set, I have quite a few ideas of what these could be used for.

  4. Stunning work !!!

    Like them very much !

    Best regards Michael

  5. another great looking group! i agree that the plumes are an excellent addition, a small detail that adds so much character!
    i too am chomping at the bit for that coustiller/hobblers box set to be released!!
    every time you post new pics i always seem to get a lot of painting done...

  6. Excellent work, and hopefully the "lights" box comes out by Salute, and not in the fall...

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