Monday 28 November 2016

Culvineers and Crossbows

A final contingent of shot - mixed crossbows and handguns - for the Burgundian army.

I got these assembled and painted relatively swiftly in the last week. Consequently there are just a few assembly combinations which are different from those previously completed - I've used crossbow arms from the Perrys Light Cavalry box and some plastic open hands with handguns added - and just a smidgen of Green Stuff in evidence. All are plastic figures, apart from one metal (which was painted by Chris Thompson).

Now that I'm close the planning 'finish line', I'll try and take some pics of the army over the Christmas break.

Friday 18 November 2016

Coustillers for Bastard of Burgundy

I've completed the coustillers which are the second rank for Antony, Bastard of Burgundy's men at arms. This also finishes off all the mounted troops that are in my initial plan for the Burgundian Ordonnance army.

The extra two bases are all Perry Miniatures plastics (the central base was completed and is in the previous posting here). As per usual there has been some tinkering - green stuff and metal bits - to accessorise the original figures. These have been a bit of a labour of love to get to the finishing line; progress has been glacial at times and I've had to switch from doing small painting sessions on these interspersed with other stuff.

Here's a picture of the full unit, with men at arms on the front rank.

Just a few more pieces now on the list to 'complete' the army against the original plan - a Charles the Bold vignette, a unit of handguns/crossbows and casualty markers - just 12 months behind my self-imposed schedule!

Wednesday 2 November 2016

Coustillers - one base down.

Here's the completed central base of the last three planned Burgundian Coustillers - the supporting rank for the Bastard of Burgundy's men at arms.

Two figures are metals and the trumpeter is a plastic. The left hand flagbearer is a Perry giveaway which came with the Light Cavalry boxsets, which the pointing hand has been replaced by a plastic one from the Mercenaries command sprue. The other flagbearer is a mounted page with headswop and open hand created by cutting away the scabbarded sword he's holding and then drilled. He holds a printed generic Burgundian flag, to which I've added the Bastard of Burgundy's personal device of a blue mantlet, which is repeated on the trumpeter's coat (and will reoccur again on caparison on another Coustiller base, to give this unit some visual cohesion).

Now moving on to one of the other bases, which I'll post when done.