Sunday 7 June 2020

Burgundian Conductuer's Pavilion - completed

Well its only 4 years - on and off - and it's done. A feature for the Burgundian siege camp, showing a high status temporary living quarters, vaguely based a mix of contemporary illustrations, with a little artistic licence.

To finish it off I've added guy ropes, flags, icons and wooden fence to protect the entrance.

But what's occurring round the back? It's a couple of soldiers using the cover of the pavilion for a sneaky game of dice!

I'll add a few figures to stand near the front - the Perrys make some men at arms in casual poses and I have a Citadel trumpeter from their old Dogs of War range who's had a headswop and looks OK as a an Italiante Burgundian. Also some other encampment ephemera perhaps.

Now, to move to to some fighting troops...

Stay safe everyone.