Saturday 28 September 2019

Burgundian Horseholders (II)

The first base has been painted and finished.

The trickiest task was attaching the reins to the spare horses, once I had glues all the models down to my usual 60mm square base. I drilled small holes to accept the wire and I think I've finally got most of them in and glued. I'm happy that the idea has translated OK into the first base.

I've now started work on the second one. The horses are Perry Agincourt and Wars of the Roses, with the page being a Steel Fist Miniatures model, with replacement head. Reins and stirrups were to be added, when I took the picture.

Will post when this one's painted up.
Cheerio for now.

Wednesday 18 September 2019

Burgundian horseholders (I)

So to complement my dismounted Burgundian longbowmen,  I've started on the first of three bases of horseholders.

According to the Ordinances of Charles the Bold, it was the role of pages to manage the horses when longbowmen dismounted to shoot. Pages appear to have been the only non-combatants within the composition of the Burgundian lance.

For the first base I've decided to have a page sitting on his own mount, tending horses. You can probably see the Perry castings I've used here and the extras that I've added with green stuff putty. The page is from the plastic Light Cavalry box set, mounted on a metal horse. The other horses are from Perry Wars of the Roses and Agincourt ranges; I have to select those in passive poses of which there aren't too many. Reins have been removed from the horses and saddles added with putty. The trickiest work was the stirrups - these are bent from thin wire, which has had a thin layer of putty added, trimmed to length when dry and then glued on.

Think the overall composition works OK, as I want to do these on my usual 60mm square bases so they align behind the longbowmen. Painting is next, but I'm not looking forward to attaching the replacement reins to those horses!

More anon,

Tuesday 10 September 2019

Burgundian Mounted Longbowmen

Following on from the last post, these are the painted and based unit of mounted longbowmen.

I decided not to add a captain - I did create and paint a figure holding a glaive in half-armour (with added riding boots), but decided that as my other units don't have one, that I'd be consistent and leave him off. One figure is gesturing forward so he's in charge...

Need to have a review of the army and see what else is needed. I'd like to do some horseholder bases to sit behind these, just to complete the unit. I have some ideas based on finding suitable horses who are static - looks like Perry WotR Heralds and their HYW Mounted Sergeants may fit the bill?

Rear view - or the Swiss Confederation view!