Friday 3 April 2009

I have undertaken it...

...what exactly? well to complete my 28mm wargame armies covering the Burgundian Swiss wars of 1474-1477.

First, a little history. The origins of these armies goes back to the late 1980s/early 90's when I completed my existing Burgundian army, mainly using the Citadel late medieval range - a very nice set of figures and top of the range for historical accuracy and variety at the time. These were completed based, then rebased but I was never really happy with the quality of the flags. The Swiss Confederation army had an abortive start several years ago, using the same figure range, supplemented by various other manufacturers. As most of the Swiss carry pikes and the Citadel range didn't, this meant many hours of conversions and so progress ground to a halt. The army was then revivied by the arrival of the Dave Andrew's designed Foundry figures - the first accuarate figures that looked like the contemporary Schilling chronicles. to date I've completed about a quarter of the pike blocs I'm planning and units are yet to be provided with cantonal flags.

Back to the present, or indeed the future. The forthcoming Perry late medieval range of plastics and metals is the impetus to revisit this collection, in a major way. The Burgundians will be completely replaced (with the existing figures probably being sold off). The Swiss will be continued and completed - I have a mound of Swiss Foundry castings and will see if any of the new Perrys can be utilised - I believe that there will be 'continental' troops which will reflect Swiss dress.

So, next up some pics of the existing collection, just for old times sake.