Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Encore les Gendarmes.

Apologies for the recent hiatus here - I have returned to the service of the duke following a brief diversion to chip away at my AWI lead pile (one of my 'second tier' collections). I needed a break from doing medievals fairly regularly in one form or another, for the past few years. So refreshed somewhat - and most definitely inspired by David Imrie's Burgundians  - and with some potential spare time on my hands between work contracts, I plan to complete another front rank of men at arms, plus hopefully some baggage wagons.

No significant conversions with these, just a few more permutations that can be done with the plastic components. Most of the horses were painted in the summer and so its only the riders that I need to spend time on. Some of them have had St Andrews cross (green stuff) and plumes (my castings) added - a couple of the horse's tack have had minor adjustments too.

Figures for the first base are done, prior to fixing to the plastic stand, which I'll do when all nine figures are complete in case I fancy swopping any around to achieve a slightly different overall look. I also found some re-enactors as Burgundian men at arms on the internet - which is useful reference  - I believe they may be based in Russia or Ukraine? Not sure about those red and yellow plumes complying with the duke's ordinances thought!!


Onward and upward.


  1. The reenactors group is DESTRIER , the event is BEXBACH 1474.

    1. Thanks - I thought Destrier were just jousting (of exceptional quality), and I think it may have been a Polish group that I found, who were at the Bexbach event.

  2. Amazing work Simon! Love the horse colours.

  3. Great work! Brings me back to my Burgundians ;-)

  4. These are great, I do enjoy your concentrated spare time painting sprees !

  5. Regrettably less concentrated than planned - painful tennis elbow limiting the time I can sit holding a paintbrush at moment... :(

  6. is another guy who does lovely miniatures of Burgundians and Swiss. Thought you might like to see his stuff. Yours are brilliant too by the way.