Thursday 5 June 2014

Release the hounds..!!

I've received the castings of my medieval 'aluants' - very crisp moulds from Griffin Moulds that really bring out the detailed sculpting skills of Steve May.

I've fast-tracked the painting of a set of four, to show them off (the man at arms was already done and waiting to be joined by his pack). I need to investigate a good colour pallet for the dogs, but a quick look at the medieval illustrations I have seems to show few markings; really having just a single colour coat. My favourite pose is the one sniffing for the scent of a deer or boar. The picture below shows the castings, with just a wash of GW Nuln Oil. You'll now spot these little chappies turn up in many future vignettes of mine no doubt!

I currently have some spare packs, which I'm able to offer to sell if anyone's interested. I guess the dogs could be used across the medieval and early modern period, and probably for the ancient period too?
I've costed them at roughly what they've cost me, as this is not a commercial venture, but equally its not cost-effective to just have handful cast up.

So, there are 4 dogs per set (as per the photo) and cost is £3.55 including postage to the UK, and £4.25 for postage to Europe. Payment can be made by PayPal please, made AS A GIFT, to my Paypal account which is
IMPORTANT - Please also add your delivery address to the Paypal payment (or send me a separate email), as I've discovered that Paypal don't always provide this when I get the funds notification!
Many thanks.