Thursday 29 September 2016

Anthony, Bastard of Burgundy and men at arms

Anthony of Burgundy men at arms contingent - completed.

This is my most ambitious unit for this army; in terms of the amount of conversion and putty work that's been done before the paintwork (pics of this are in previous blog posts). They represent the peak of Burgundian nobility supporting the Bastard, all armed in quality harness and barding for their mounts. Looking at the completed unit, it may have been good to add a figure in blue finish armour too, to add to the impression of  fine quality harness, but too late now. 

As per all my other men at arms, they'll have a supporting row of coustillers, a trumpeter and more flagbearers - which I'm planning out the prep for now. I then will have just a handful of extra bases to do for the Burgundians - aside from vignettes and casualty markers - so can maybe (just maybe?) start thinking about the prospect of Swiss.

Anthony was the illegitimate son of Duke Phillip of Burgundy and Jeanne de Prelle. He was therefore the half brother of Duke Charles and was a pivotal member of the ducal household, fulfilling a number of military, diplomatic and advisory roles at the court. He fought for his father on several campaigns, from at least 1451 onwards, and in 1464 left for a crusade against the Moors when he helped raise the siege of Ceuta.  
Anthony was at the battles of GrandsonMurten and Nancy, taking a prominent role in commanding troops on the field. At Nancy he was taken hostage by RenĂ© II, Duke of Lorraine, and delivered to the King of France, for whom he was to serve after Charles's death.  He married Marie de la Viesville, and the entwined A and M painted on the horse bard covering is my attempt to portray this, applying an artistic device  which is shown for Charles and Mary on surviving pieces of fabric.

Monday 26 September 2016

Bastard of Burgundy - WIP (2)

More plastic and Green Stuff, covered with paint.

The second base, which will be the left hand one of the three, all done and ready for basing. I'm progressing rather slowly these figures; having to do them in short painting sessions, as I'm getting a bit of Burgundian fatigue - which has been relieved by doing other terrain bits and a small group of Greek Hoplites too (!).

Central group of three men at arms including Antony of Burgundy is underway, so completed group should be along quite soon.
Thanks for all your generous comments so far. Simon

Wednesday 14 September 2016

Bastard of Burgundy - WIP (1)

First part of the three bases that comprise this contingent are painted - basing will be done as one task at the final stage.

All held together with Blutac at the moment. The personal pennon of Antony of Burgundy is another wonderful one from Pete Smith.

Next group of three are underway... more soon.

Tuesday 6 September 2016

Casualty Markers (I)

Whenever I've managed to play games with my armies, there always comes a point where we're scrabbling around for more casualty markers. I'm not a rules guru, but do prefer the aesthetics of showing casualties and/or morale impacts with model figures (rather than other options such as dice etc). So I've started some models as markers for my Burgundians - first one is done.

It shows a fallen/wounded Burgundian man at arms about to be despatched by a Swiss. The Burgundian uses plastic parts from the Perry Foot Knights. The Swiss is a plastic figure from the Bills & Bows box, with legs repositioned and gaps filled. The dagger arm is cut down from plastic Perry Beja and then dressed with green stuff. I'm happy with the overall composition.

More coming along soon....