Saturday 12 March 2016

Burgundan Coustillers - completed units.

I have finally completed another two mounted coustiller units, as the support rank for my Burgundian Ordonnance men at arms. One figure just needs the addition of a flag, which will hopefully be done in a couple of weeks time.

These seem to have taken me some time - I started work on assembling and converting the horses on my holidays in September - and they have sporadic work done on them in the intervening months, in between other paint jobs. I've now done 4 contingents of coustillers and based on current plans I have three more to do for the men at arms I have.

The figures represent mounted coustillers, who the Ordinances of Charles the Bold in 1471 decreed  "...was to arm himself with a good javelin, a medium length single-handed sword and a foot long double-edged dagger." Each was provided with a coat in the ducal colours (blue & white with red St Andrew's cross); which only some of mine are wearing others have alternative Burgundian devices. Flags are a mix of personal pennons (from unknown captains or noblemen, captured and recorded by the Swiss towns) and Burgundy coats of arms.

They use Perry Miniatures Light Cavalry, with some degree of enhancement done on many of them and some bits knicked from other WotR boxes - previous posts covered some of this conversion work. Its great to get to the finishing line and so move onto the next unit/figures - for me this is nearly always the point when the static grass is glued on and the figures and bases appear to be 'tied together' and the finish comes into focus.

Now....who's protecting the person of the duke?

Tuesday 8 March 2016

Steel Fist - Tudor Knights Kickstarter

I'd like to draw attention to a great Kickstarter from Steel Fist Miniatures, for Tudor / early 16th century foot knights. Oliver is the designer/owner of Steel Fist, and has a great reputation for finely sculpted and meticulously researched Japanese Samurai in 28mm. This range is steadily growing and I know from occasional emails with him that he's inspired by the challenge of accurately replicating the various armour worn by Samurai armies.

Now he's turning back to western armour again and has done 6 great foot knights, which can be pledged for in pairs. More information on the Kickstarter is here - in case you're interested - it's the first one I've supported and I know its a great way for figure designers to get figures to market which may not have the wide appeal of 'core ranges'.

Oliver designed the sets of plumes that i use on my medievals and he's a pleasure to deal with. So really hoping these figures get supported - those magnificent ostrich plumes look too good to not have a chance to paint!