Sunday, 23 December 2012

Vote for your favourite piece...

As it's the festive season, and as I've just hit a century of posts, I thought I'd try and use the voting function on blogger. So I'd like to ask you to cast a vote for your favourite contingent or piece, from a selection of those that I've done so far for my Burgundian-Swiss collection.  All for a bit of yuletide fun.

The selection is based purely and simply on those that I got the most personal satisfaction from doing.  
They are (in no specific order).

A. Lord Chalons and retinue:

B. Berne Bear:

C. Burgundian Halbardiers:

D. Swiss Pike bloc:

E: Burgundian limbered artillery: 

F: Burgundian Men at Arms:

If the blogger vote system works, then there should be some voting buttons (with the unit descriptions) at the top right-hand side of the blog. Hopefully anyone can vote - not just those who also have a Google / Blogger account. 
I'll leave this running for a week or so and we'll see where we are and which is the "people's choice".

Thanks for voting!

Have a great Christmas holiday and New Year. Thank you for maintaining your interest in viewing and commenting so generously on the sporadic outputs of my hobby... more of the same planned for 2013.


  1. They are all wonderful...but I made a choice!

  2. I have choosed the bear because I'm a great fan of camp life scenes !

    But Phil is right, all these units are wonferful.


  3. Merry Christmas Simon !

    Thanks for sharing the pictures of all your lovely painted minis !

    best regards Michael

  4. Best wishes for Christmas to you and yours.
    I too chose the bear.
    All the units are indeed wonderful.
    I really loved your fortified church too this year!

  5. I voted for the pike bloc - the sheer scale of it is so impressive. In fact it inspired me to have a dabbled in the Burgundian Succession myself!

  6. So many good things to choose between, eventually I went for the bear as I really like good eye-candy in a game.

  7. All of them very,very nice, but that Swiss pike block just looks awesome!


  8. Crikey, what a decision! How do you choose between such wonderfully painted units? I've made a choice but it was a case of "best of the best" I'm afraid!

  9. I've really enjoyed your blog this year, superb work ALL of it.I voted for the Burgundian artillery's unusual.

  10. I was sorely tempted to vote for the pike block but the Burgundian limbered artillery got my vote..I spent sooo much time studying it for a future project
    Happy X-mas

  11. Hmm? Very difficult? Have a great Christmas and New Year!

  12. Aww, don't make me choose ! can't they just all get along and share their presents.

    My choice was Lord Chalons, an excellent paint job with some real movement and Chalons has a definite confident presence.

    What a neat round off for the end of the year and an excellent way to mark your century - what did we ever do with our time - I don't think I could have done even half my output without the online support and energy of a blog, so well done for blogs too !

    Have a good one

  13. Made my choice thanks, Merry Christmas and happy new year. Thanks again for the info on the French ordinance earlier this year, I still haven't started this project but wil..............

  14. Very hard to choose, all are superb. Eventually went for gun and limber.

  15. Vote made:-)


    1. As much as I love to see the fabulously painted troops you've amassed, it's the storytelling aspect of our hobby where people excel (in my opinion, at least). Hence my vote undoubtedly has to go to the Swiss mascot. :-)

      Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!


  16. Hello,
    Difficult to choice, but i like pike blocks...

  17. Great figures all - voted for Lord Chalons just because the unit catches my eye the most. All good though.

  18. Many thanks for all the votes and the kind comments too.
    Lord Chalons is the winner.
    I shall have to see if my other Burgundian command figures can be as well liked, when I get around to doing them.

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