Sunday, 29 December 2013

Burgundian supply wagon (II)

My second Perry Miniatures supply wagon; this one representing a Burgundian wagon being unloaded at an encampment. A clerk checks off the contents, whilst an Ordonnance archer accepts beer from a camp follower.

This time I got the axle up the right way. However my capacity for dodgy assembly continues, as I attached   the chest on the wrong end! Hey ho. I've created a load for the wagon on a plasticard base (using pieces from Front Rank, Fenris, Ainsty, Mirliton & Foundry), which is removable and so can be utilised on my other wagon. Also the canvas cover can be swopped over.

This is my last posting of the year. Looking back I realise that I've managed slightly less postings than in previous years - but I think this was due to making scenery boards and some extras for this year's Cravant game at Salute.

Looking ahead to 2014, I'm both enthused and excited. I have aspirations to get my Burgundian army to a stage of near completion. The outstanding contingents are spear-armed coustillers/second rank for all of the mounted men at arms that I've done, which will be built around the forthcoming Perry 'Light Cavalry', bearing plenty of flags, pennons and some trumpeters, etc. A unit of mounted men at arms representing Antony, Bastard of Burgundy (as he's kindly graced the blog header for so long!) and using the wonderful new Burgundian flags currently being done by Pete. Also some dismounted men at arms comprised of knights of the ducal household, using the other forthcoming Perry plastics. Plus no doubt a few vignettes, using up some of the metal figures left over from other packs.

I may also be able to make a start on the Swiss Confederation too - as I expect to wait for the new Perry plastics to the Salute show - just hope I can keep my motivation going to paint large numbers of pike and halbard troops.

Many thanks for everyone's comments over the year, they are truly appreciated. All best wishes for 2014!


  1. Stunning work, I Love all the detail and the life in the scene!

    Happy New Year !!!!

    Best regards Michael

  2. Wonderful work, the atmosphere is really amazing, great details...

  3. Great minis as usual.

    Happy New Year Simon !


  4. That looks just Awesome! Happy New Year!


  5. really looking forward to the Swiss build up and seeing all these in a game!

  6. Wow. Your usual work is splendid, but you've done yourself proud this time.

    What colors did you use for the two wagons? You've done a very good job of making rough weathered wood, and I've been looking for that for a long time now.

    1. Rob, the red is Games Workshop's Mechrite Red with Vallejo Scarlet drybrushed highlights and the other is VJ's German Grey with VJ Green Grey highlights. Both then washed with GW's Nuln Oil wash.
      Hope that helps. Simon.

  7. What a brilliantly painted medieval scene, full of character and activity, and beautifully weathered wood on the wagon. Its nice to see this sort of work as baggage trains tend to be overlooked , and from the limited knowledge I have of the burgundians it seems Charles liked to go on campaign with every comfort and would be accompanied by a well supplied baggage train.


  8. Another brilliant piece of work, full of character.

    have a great 2014


  9. Hello,
    Very nice wagon and crew and excellent blog !!!

  10. Excellent composition and attention to detail as always. Really like the interchangeable aspects of these, especially with the moveable baggage element.

  11. Beautiful! Great selection of miniatures and composition of the scene. And wonderful paint job as usual.