Wednesday 23 July 2014

A Waiting Game

The release of the next Perry Miniatures box set is almost upon us - it seems a long wait since the Salute preview - and first images of the foot knights have been shared. I plan to use these new figures to create a contingent of Burgundian household knights fighting on foot, as well as some Swiss front rank pikemen. Aside from venturing into painted up more of my AWI, I've used the time to also start preparing another mounted men at arms unit, who'll have selected new helmets to add more variety - although a look at the sprue shows that not all of them are new sculpts, but some useful new styles never the less.

Most of the figures are in state of headless preperation. The knight holding the hammer has a large plume added (from a games workshop figure) and the figure on the right now wears a short cloak (which really has pushed the outer limits of my putty skills!).  

Many thanks to all who ordered castings of the hounds- I look for wars to spotting them on blogs one day. I still have some left if anyone else is interested. 

Roll on the pre-order date!