Sunday 30 March 2014

Bernese Halbardiers

Just a quick one - as I've finished a few halbardiers, who'll protect the sides of the Berne pike block, who've been lingering on the painting table for too long.

Three metals and two plastics - I'm concerned about the fragility of the polearm heads on the latter, you have to cut the moulded pike and attach a halbard head. The joint has been glued with plastic cement and a thin covering of liquid green stuff, but it snapped from only being knocked over on the painting table. I'll have to ensure they are not too vulnerable when based up.

Some head swops on two of the Perry metals and the odd one out is Citadel 'Dogs of War' figure (sculpted by the Perrys) who's had a Perry Swiss head added, new halbard and some metal greaves smoothed off - but will fit in OK as a different pose.

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Medieval Hounds

These are the greens for a set of medieval hounds, that Steve May has kindly sculpted for me. They are based on illustrations of 'alaunts' - a breed of dog which are commonly shown in medieval illustrations and tapestries, but appear to now be extinct. I'm not an expert on dog breeds, but they would seem to have similarities to modern day greyhounds, but a bit bulkier. I'm really pleased with Steve's wonderful sculpting talents,  matching my request for a pair of active and pair of more static hounds, the poses are really great.

The sculpts will be sent off to be cast up in metal quite soon. Plan is then that they'll be available to buy as a set, should anyone be interested. I'll post more info on this, when I have the castings.

So seems like the right time to create a Burgundian nobleman riding out, to be joined by his pack of hunting hounds. 

Friday 7 March 2014

Communal tent - completed.

This is the finished communal tent, which can be used for either my Burgundian or Swiss armies. It represents an open-ended canvas covered tent, which is used for preparing and serving foods, and which were prefabricated and simple to put up as required.

There are two soldiers eating - one appears to be demanding some additional serving from the cook. The tent is also used for storage, drying washed clothes and is a sheltered spot for a dog to sleep.
The construction of the frame and converted Perry figures have been covered in previous posts.

The canvas cover is a painted sheet of thin pewter and I've left it to be removable, so that the internal features can be seen. Having spent a fair bit of time on this, I didn't want it all obscured by a very pain cover! I have another flag post and orb, on which I'll attach a small flag of a Swiss canton, so that the tent can 'switch sides' when required.

The plated food is from Mirliton (as is the thieving cat); other various boxes, barrels etc have all been collected over several years and I can't recall all the manufacturers. The clothing hanging on the line is made from green stuff and are vaguely recognisable as a hose and doublet.

I will add an open camp fire with some cooking pots and chopped wood, to be placed nearby.