Sunday 17 May 2009

Catherine's pics

Some more detailed pics of the same figures. I left the models in my conservatory after the previous posting(where I take my pictures to utilise the natural light) and my youngest daughter used her own camera, with close-up setting, and took some pics. So I thought they shouldn't go to waste. Minor intake of breath from me however, having seen these in mega close-up, as they're not the standard that I strive for now, but I should remember these were done a while back now. Not bad pics though - for a 14 year old with a cheap camera.

Friday 1 May 2009

Ye old Burgundian Ordonnance

Some selected pics of my existing Burgundian army.

Figures are Foundry/Citadel castings in the main, painted by me over many years in the early 90s. All my figures are based on large 100x50mm bases, not for any specific rules, but (I have to admit) heavily influenced by Dave Andrews collection, which I rather slavishly followed at the time.

In all there are the following bases; 12 men at arms, 6 pike (as 2 units), 8 longbows, 2 handguns, 4 crossbows, 2 halbards and 6 artillery, plus a couple of command groups. Flags are a mix of handpainted, Freezywater and some scanned images.
One of the main attractions of this army, apart from trying to 're-write' history and attempt to co-ordibnate the various troop types andactually beat the Swiss, is the visual appeal - they are very colourful; with the blue & white livery and St Andrews cross, Burgundian flints and saints adorning flags.
Will post some more soon.