Saturday 30 May 2020

Burgundian Conductuer's Pavilion (III) - progress report

I only realised a few weeks ago that it's - shamefully - four years ago since I embarked on this model.  I had reached an impasse as I couldn't decide on how to represent the timber middle section - was it to be plain timber, painted timber or timber painted to represent stonework? So I kept trying to put off getting back to it and the dust layers grew.

Pavilion front
Two images that I found on online have finally enthused me to get this tent finished. The first is an image of a tent - potentially a little fantastical - but which has the cloth depicted as a stone castle and the second is a close up from a late fifteenth century Flemish portrait of the weave in a shirt.

So I added a simplified version of the shirt onto the canvas sides of the tent - an off-white over a canvas base. The wooden sides of the central section are done to represent that the prefabricated panels to reflect a stone castle style building.

So far, I've added pegs (cut from plasticard) and guy-ropes. The embroidered 'Je Lay Emprins' sections running around the top of the circular canvas sections are re-sized flag prints which I've cut these pieces from (currently temporarily held with Bluetac). Longer guy ropes will be placed in between these sections and the pegs for these have been attached to the base.

Embriodery on the panels

Pavilion rear

To complete the tent, I have flags and religious sculpts to decorate the tops of the tents and I think a wooden barrier would complete the entrance, to prevent anyone of too lowly status from entering.

I'm pleased to get this progressed and hope to show the finished item next week.
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Cheers for now...