Saturday 29 May 2010

Northampton (3) - Grey of Ruthin

The first Lancastrian leader and I've taken the liberty of a bit of a shortcut.

For the Salute game I'd managed to get a small unit done for Grey (who by 1471 was earl of Kent and an established Yorkist courtier), see the 9 April blog entry, so I've re-used those men-at-arms with Grey's standard and added the mounted figures on a separate 50mm square base.

Lord Grey of Ruthin's treachoury against Henry VI seems to be the main reason that the battle lasted no more than 30 minutes, as he and his retainers lay down their arms, in a pre-arranged agreement with Warwick according to 'An English Chronicle' (although other accounts say that fighting lasted 3 hours before Grey switched sides).

I've used the Perry's Wenlock figure as Grey, contemplating at what point to turncoat his affinity, whilst his page (bearing his livery badge of a black staff) holds his armet.

Had a bit of a struggle with the matt varnish on these. For some reason the acrylic varnish I've used upto now dried too satin, and then a coat of Humbrol matt varnish (which i think I've had knocking around too long) came out even glossier, and so had to resort to the trusty Matt Cote for the cloths on the mounted figures...hey ho.

Northampton (2) - Fauconberg

The next Yorkist command stand, William Neville lord Fauconberg, who commanded the right battle. He was nephew of the earl of Warwick and had a colourful political and military career during the wars of the roses. After the battle he was rewarded with the post of lieutenant of Calais, a notorious Neville stronghold and after fighting at Towton he became earl of Kent in 1462. It was Fauconberg who oppossed Ruthin at Northampton and whose troops appear to have been the first to break into the Lancastrian defended encampment follwing Ruthin's change of alliegence.

The figures are Perrys - metal mounted characters and plastic billmen - the latter straight from the box with the exception of the billmen urging men forward on the right side. All done with dip. I've not added the Fauconberg livery badge of the fishhook (as the rest of the contingent won't have it either as they've been pressed into service as Nevilles due to their generic blue and white livery coats). Flag is LBMS.
Off to procure the abbey buildings from Grand Manner at Partizan show tomorrow.

Friday 21 May 2010

Northampton (1) - Warwick

Ok this blog is back in business. I had an enforced lay-off following Salute, due to a minor eye op, but all OK now; just needing to do short bursts of painting activity, rather than long sessions working close-up.

Next target is the game to support the Battlefield Trust event in July for the battle of Northampton. I’m focussing first on bases for the main leaders – six 100 x 50mm size – and some bespoke terrain items that are required; the abbey and walling, Eleanor Cross and the Lancastrian field defences and encampment.

First up, Richard Neville earl of Warwick. No mini-biog really required for the so-called ‘kingmaker’. At Northampton he appears to have led the Yorkist vanward battle (on the left of the line). Although the leaders would have undoubtedly fought on foot at the battle, the Perry personality figures are too appealling to ignore and so my plan is to have each leader and flagbearer mounted, acompanied by retainers/household on foot – it’ll also make it easier to show the main protaganists on the table.

All figures have been dipped for speed, except for Warwick’s horse, as I don’t find that dip works on large areas of white, it just comes out looking dirty. Flag is LBMS and the spare flagpole will have Warwick’s standard added (when i purchase one from Freezywater). The man-at-arms on Warwick’s left is the Perry Salute 'freebie' figure, with crown removed from his raised hand; a lovely figure and I’m looking forward to the other forthcoming command packs.