Sunday 29 March 2020

Burgundian Coustiller - painted!

So I have a meagre offering for the blog - a painted figure!

For various reasons, my painting has been curtailed for some time, and what I have had has been spent on other projects. But with the COVID 19 curtailments, I'm working from home for the foreseeable future and so this will save me a couple of hours with no commuting time - so I'm hoping to use some this at the painting desk.

So here's the Burgundian Coustiller conversion, that I did showed build in my post, now with paint on. Just the usual range of colours applied and mounted on a circular mdf base. He's a nice one-off for campsites or perhaps as a messenger about to set out.

I'm working on a new Burgundian pike base - trying to compose one which reflects the practice outlined in the Ordinances of St Maximin de Treves 1473, where pikes formed an integrated unit with longbowmen. Much figure converting needed and so more on this when I've made sufficient progress from my state of splendid isolation.

Take care!