Sunday, 23 September 2012

Men at Arms - WIP

I've decided to post some work in progress of my next base of Burgundian Ordonnance men at arms - so this should hopefully result in more regular postings.
So here's a current state of play for the command base, the first of the three. I've decided to make these into a more active unit, advancing at the charge - as the Perry plastic horses assemble at the gallop or steady trot. It comprises of company captain wielding an axe (the metal Perry 'duke of Somerset' figure), a man at arms in Flemish style harness thrusting with his lance (Perry plastic figure) and a flagbearer - with flag to be added.

The flagbearer is a plastic figure who's had some conversion work done on him to create a different pose. The body has been cut from the Mercenaries box figure and added to legs from the man at arms wearing the coat, with some filling undertaken to hide the joint. Long riding boots were added with putty. The mail sleeves also come from the Mercenaries box; on his right arm I've removed the forearm at the elbow (which was holding a polearm) and replaced with one cut down from the mounted men at arms box, so I can add the flagstaff to the hand. The open barbute is from the  mounted man at arms box set, with scarf added with Procreate putty. There's a picture I took of the assembled version, before paintwork (sorry about the poor lighting).


  1. Lovely painting and a great conversion

  2. Lots of movement here - you can imagine the mud flying off the hooves. Really characterful faces too. Looking forward to seeing the banner.