Sunday 19 February 2012

Burial Party

This is a vignette that should have some generic usage, a post-battle burial of casualties. Those who died in medieval battles who were of non-noble status were most likely to be buried in grave pits, rather than individual plots as I've done here (but I don't have room to model a complete grave pit!).

The model uses some of the new Perry figure releases - the labourers, the clerk and corpses the from the tipping wagon pack. The overseer is the William Longstrother figure from the Lancastrian command pack; I was unsure how I'd use him but always had him in mind as I really like the figure. I made him a little more generic, perhaps as a member of the Burgundian household, by removing the cross of Jerusalem that's sculpted on his coat. The friar saying prayers for the souls of the dead is an old Foundry figure from my spares box. The figures are mounted on three bases, so that I have a little extra flexibility when using them. Ideally need to concentrate on core troops now, rather than these more interesting distractions of vignettes (...more keep coming to mind and are logged in my notebook for future).

My recent high levels of output are now likely to drop back to normal for this blog, i.e. just a couple of posts per month if I can manage it, as I start a new work contract next week. More funds coming in, which is very welcome (as I'll be buying a lot of boxes of Perry plastic mounted men at arms pretty soon!).


  1. Lovely. I like the multi purpose base, the unusual "fit together" shapes look great.
    paul out for the postman next week ;-D

  2. Super painting on an unusual and creative piece!


  3. Looking very nice Simon !

    Good ideea to base them on separate bases to get the more flexability.

    Best regarde Dalauppror

  4. A great addition to your collection, its always great when you can add non-combat figures to an army, just adds that little touch to them.

  5. Great stuff yet again mon ami.

    Good use of the Longstrother mini. i'd kind of discarded 'him' but now I feel a little more inspired to make use of it.


  6. I was wondering what you'd do with the rest of the labourers. The vignettes are all excellent additions, they really bring life to the army and good as points of reference, thoughtful positioning as usual,it makes a lot of difference and has got me into the habit of doing many basing dry runs before glue touches mini.

  7. Here lies the body of brave Sir Simon

    A warnock! A warnock!

    Oh hang on, wrong blog.....I will get my coat

    On, on, on

  8. Very impressive painting and scene.

  9. I really dig this.(sorry, I couldn't resist)
    Superb ideas and painting once again.