Saturday 4 February 2012

Canton flags (for Pete)

Many thanks indeed for offering to produce the extra canton flags.
here are some images, all taken from the Osprey 'Swiss at War 1300-1500' book, for those I'd like to add to my Swiss Confederation army.

These are Basle (no 29), Nidwalden (no 28) which would be good as a standard sized flag please (instead of the triangular fahnlien) with the key on the pole-hand side and the cross on the opposite side.

Thun is no 8 and Zurich flag for crossbowmen (no 19), perhaps as a smaller sized flag compared to the other ones, with a white cross (rather than red?).

I hope these are OK as images to work from?
Many thanks once again.

Best regards

PS - I like your Italian wars collection - even more visual appeal than medievals!

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