Friday 24 June 2011

Company of St George at Gruyeres

The second leg of castle visits with my youngest daughter, took us from Alsace to Gruyeres in Switzerland.
I had wanted to see the small walled town and castle for many years and it was combined with a first opportunity to see it embellished by the precence of the Company of St George re-enactment group, who were situated in the castle and part of the town for the weekend.

Sadly, having made the trip, the weather intervened and it poured with heavy rain from Friday afternoon to Sunday moring, when we left. We managed to time the only real sunny spell with our decision to visit a nearby chocolate factory! Whilst the rain did restrict the Company from displaying cannon and handgun fire, as authentcially it would have done 550 years ago, it didn't stop other activities as much is located under cover within the castle walls.

I would estimate over 150 re-enactors were present in the castle, with some encamped in the walled churchyard. Other affiliated groups were there too and those we spoke to had travelled in from France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Czech Republic.

Here are some of the military related pictures showing the high standard of clothing, armour and weapons. I'll be posting more on personal items, the artillery pieces and non-combatants, as well as the medieval buildings.


  1. Just fantastic and very sensitively photographed - these look straight out of the mercenaries boxed set !

  2. Thanks for posting super pics- i find the group inspirational in my gaming/planning of late 15th century armies...

  3. Just a thought...
    I am tying to find out about the battle of Guipy 20th June 1475 where the French routed the Burgundians. I cannot find out details at all. Don't suppose you can help...
    many thanks in anticipation

  4. Great pics, thanks for sharing them. Just a thought is that a no entry sign on the post or a buckler ;~)