Saturday 4 June 2011

Burgundian crossbow conversions

The next contingent for my Burgundian Ordonnance will be crossbows, probably including some pavises so I can use the finely detailed LBMS transfers.

To add some variety of poses and to have a couple of figures in coats rather than all wearing livery jackets, I've made some relatively straightforward conversions. I've removed the arms of selected metal castings from the Perry WotR and EA ranges with a fine hacksaw and added the plastic crossbow arms. I've tried to judge before making the amputations if the plastic arms would fit well onto the bodies and also create a viable pose. This is a bit tricky, but one of the advantages of plastic is that there is a little 'give' and so any gaps can be fixed by drilling & pining the new arms and adding a little filler.

Here are six I've done to date, ready for undercoating. A couple of them are spare WotR artillerymen (one now with handgun) and others are fom the recent polearm packs. In the end the joints were all pretty good and required filling was minimal - I think the poses look OK too and that they'll be worth the extra time spent on them when they're painted up.

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  1. Very nice conversions, I look forward to seeing them painted.