Sunday, 26 June 2011

Gruyeres - II

Both the town & castle and the Company of St George did not disappoint, as the weather did. The qulaity of the clothing, arms & armour, equipment and personal items that populated the castle were very impressive. Numerous boxes, lamps, weapons, tools, bedding, cloth, foodstuffs and pavises were distributed throughout the courtyard, the two open walkways and in the internal rooms to recreate a convincing scene that these folk had been inhabiting the place for many weeks or months, not merely from the day before. The only incongruous thing was a display of modern sculpture that was in the castle at the ssame time and which I tried to avoid interloping into my photographs where I could.
Medieval crafts were bieng undertaken; I recall seeing a wooden lathe for turning bowls, pin making, carpentry, sewing, leatherwork, bookbinding, distilliation (for medicines I think) and painting - both figurative and reconstructing Burgundian Ordonnance pennons on silk (which after a long conversation with the artist I then forgot to take any pics!).

So here are some pics of armour and personal items.

More to come...

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