Friday 22 September 2017

Swiss - castings for sale.

As previously posted, I have had some Swiss figures in full harness sculpted by Oliver of Steel Fist Miniatures for my own use. I now have some spare castings, if anyone is interested in buying them for their own use.

Assembled Swiss pack

I can offer two packs:
1. Swiss front ranks. This is a pack of 4 figures (2 different bodies), 4 pairs of different arms, 4 heads, 4 halbards, 4 baselard daggers and 4 swords.

Swiss front-rankers pack
You should be aware that these figures need assembly. The arms will fit on both body types, although there maybe a little work need to drill and fill any small gaps (with glue or putty). The heads can also be used on Perry Miniature plastics, and visa versa. The Swiss head with the large plumes maybe best drilled and pinned, as its a very large casting.

Price: £12 per pack, plus £1.20 UK post or £2.00 for Europe/World

2. Arms and weapons.  I can also offer the 4 pairs of arms and 8 weapons, as they'll fit OK to Perry Miniatures plastics, once you have drilled a hole to fix them before glueing. (One pair of arms creates a weapon being held at about 60 degrees, on a Perrys body.)

Arms and Weapons Pack
Price: £5 per pack, plus £1.00 UK post or £1.50 for Europe/World

The payment process:
Please send funds via Paypal, to
Make sure that I have your delivery address too - as Paypal do not always provide this to me!

If you want to pay by other means, or contact me, just drop a note to the same email address.

Arms attached to Perry Miniatures plastic bodies by drilling and superglue
NB: Whilst these are designed for use in my Swiss army, as they are sculpted in full harness they can easily be used as any well-armed soldiers for most Western European armies, circa 1460 to 1490. Giving them different choices of helmets or heads, can give them a 'regional flavour'.

Many thanks,

Post Script.
Stefan has some more examples of assembled figures and arms on Perry plastics on his blog. 


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Paypal sent! Thanks for offering these.

  3. Simon - would love some of pack 1 if they are still available?

    1. Richard
      plenty of castings left.
      many thanks, Simon

  4. Hi Simon. I just ordered some Swiss, I hope you have enough left, they look great. I ordered hounds from you a while ago, really excellent figures. I hope your new venture as owner of Steel Fist is a great success. There is a conversation going on Lance & Longbow. An idea for a dismounted Edward IV. I suggested Steel Fist as the right place to ask! Good luck.

  5. Hi there :) is there any chance youllyou' doing unarmored arms like this set ? They'd be great for a hike milita :)

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