Thursday 5 October 2017

Steel Fist Miniatures

As some of you will know by now,  I'm the new owner of the Steel Fist Miniatures business.

I've known Oliver, the business founder and sculptor, for a few years as he's made and converted a few figures for me for my Burgundian & Swiss collection. I have admired his sculpting style since seeing his first figures and like many others in their craft, the quality of his work is continually improving in my opinion. Oliver also shares an interest in both the history and the armour, equipment & clothing of the periods he sculpts, so his figures look just right.

The good news is that Oliver will continue as main sculptor. We will expand all the existing ranges and have lots of ideas for new figures, as well as other areas that we can cover in due course. This is an exciting opportunity for me to get more closely involved in the hobby business and work closely with Oliver.  I will be getting to grips with the sales process as soon as I can, including getting a new website, hopefully next month.

Here's the announcement from Oliver, which sums up where we are at the moment.

I'm very pleased to announce that Simon Chick is the new owner of Steel Fist Miniatures.

Simon and I have worked together before. He has a great interest and sensitivity toward the historically accurate details that I like to put into the miniatures. Simon's medieval collections can be seen on his blog 

Customers will also be pleased to know that there are plans to expand all the current ranges that Steel Fist produces, with me continuing to act as sculptor. This means that the 28mm Samurai, Renaissance and Later Medieval ranges will all see new figures being added.

For the time being the business will run as usual, but we have exciting plans for the future which we will advise on in the next few weeks.I would also like to take opportunity to thank all the customers who have supported the business and my vision of producing highly detailed miniatures from the very beginning until now.

I'm sure that Simon will continue this vision with the new miniatures.


  1. Congrats Simon and best wishes for you new venture!

  2. Thats outstandingly good news Simon, i had seen the range offered for sale at TMP, and although my interests have moved to 15mm over last couple of years, i really thought it rather sad that this outstanding range of figures may go the way of the dinosaurs, as so many other ranges have before them.
    I think this outcome is the best thing that could have happened with steelfist miniatures, a top notch sculpter with a top notch enthusiast combining there ideas and talents, and having seen the results of past collaborations between the two of you, i can only imagine the outstanding miniatures you will both create.
    I wish you all the best with your new company Simon, and please dont bring out a new top class War of Roses range,you will drag me kicking and screaming back to 28s!!!

  3. Fantastic figures, congratulations!

  4. Wow, great news! Operating your own miniature business must be the dream of every hobbyist! As an old and new customer I expect more late medieval figures coming out soon ;-) All the best and success!

  5. Congratulations Simon! I was just about to contact Oliver about a potential commission when I saw the announcement on TMP!

    Wishing you every success in your new venture and looking forward to seeing what else may come.

  6. Congratulations Simon - really looking forward to the late medieval and early renaissance stuff on the way.

  7. Great move Simon. We badly need an additional source of high quality WotR and late Medievals. Congratulations and all best wishes.

  8. I hope you will consider the early war also, 1455-60.

  9. Many thanks for the words of support - Oliver is doing a great job with continuing the orders for time being and he's already sculpting some great figures for future release.

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