Sunday 23 August 2015

Swiss preparation for Partizan II show.

For the forthcoming game at Partizan II show in Newark on 6th September (the last one to be held at Kelham Hall I understand) I'm finishing off some Swiss units, most of which I've had for time but which need final basing and some extras added, so they're OK for the tabletop.

First up is another pike bloc. This will consist of some re-based Foundry figures - with a mix of painters (including Jim Bowen, Dave Imrie and myself). These had been done on 50mm frontage, but now I've moved to 60mm. I'm going to mix in some Perry Swiss, which I completed some months ago, as an added rear ranks. I've quickly painted about ten new Foundry figures for these pikes shown.

The unit also needs command stands with canton flags. These will be Perry figures, using a combination of the new Perry Swiss command pack and some conversions - show here - with some basic greenstuff added (...including a beard Alan!!).

I'm also basing up some painted Foundry Swiss shot and halbards.

The demo game will be a fictional encounter between Swiss and Burgundians and the figures will be contributed by Dave Andrews, David Imrie and myself.  The info sheet is shown here - please come along and say hello, if you can get to the show..


  1. Stunning looking unit ! Would have loved to see the demo game IRL, please take a bunch of pictures:)

  2. Well done, I love the composition of the Swiss commander with long plumes and a beard, the way you have done the little fork in the bottom of the beard gives it great character. He looks extremely tough! Plus he will stick out well as a character due to the fact most people were clean shaven at that kind of time.

  3. Wish I could be there, have a great day.

  4. Very nice conversions there Simon not to mention your usual compositional flair. Hope you have a splendid day and that you are not harried by poor dice rolls. Lots of pictures please :)

  5. A magnificent sight and great conversions!

  6. Hi Simon, they are looking fantastic! It's good to see your new skills put to great use!
    I am hoping to get to newark, so hopefully will see you there

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