Tuesday 23 June 2015

Burgundian Coustillers - second contingent.

Second contingent of Coustillers for my Burgundian Ordonnance army are complete – without any 
basing nightmares I’m pleased to report!

These are Perrys from the Late Medieval Light Cavalry plastics box, with the exception of one metal flagbearer. Several have head options selected from other plastic sets, one figures from the Men at Arms (with riding boots added) and a couple have plume castings added too. The torso and legs option in the 
Light Cavalry box I've sculpted longer riding boots, rather than the shoes which he has.

Composition reflects my plans for all these bases of three riders, with the central one bearing a flag or pennon, with others armed with light lances or spears. All of these will be interchangeable to form a three-base unit, except where I add company-specific captain’s flags (which I’m yet to do). One of the pictures shows them ‘in situ’; supporting the men at arms as a second rank, which should give them added punch against the Swiss!

So, two units down and four to go. I’m enjoying assembling the figures and working my way through the huge range of permutations, plus looking for other arm options and easy conversions that can extend the variety of poses etc. The task that really is onerous is painting all the horse flesh.


  1. Excellent work. Really looking the part. Nice!

  2. Fabulous as always...love the overall impression, very dynamic!

  3. Another great unit of Burgundians, they really look the business !

  4. Superb paintjobs all round. The 'horse flesh' looks spot on (as always).

  5. Inspiring modelling and painting as always

  6. I've been following your posts with admiration as I work on my own Burgundian army. Do you do the flags yourself? Do you know of any readily available resource where I can order nice Burgundian flags?
    Thanks and keep up the great work.

  7. Hello unknown,
    I'd recommend this site for free high-quality Burgundian flags: http://www.krigsspil.dk/download/download_2.html
    All the best, Simon.

  8. Wow, I am amazed that you are able to make paper flags look that great. If you ever feel up to doing a tutorial, you'd have even more appreciation from me!
    Thanks for the resource as well

  9. Absolutely fantastic work Simon, you seem to go from strength to strength and always inspire, this post gave me the kick I needed to get back into painting. Colourful and vibrant as ever