Tuesday 16 June 2015

Burgundian Coustillers - first contingent

Completion of the first contingent of Burgundian Coustillers has taken a little longer than planned – when it shouldn’t have. Although I’ve started assembling and painting riders and horses from the Perry Light cavalry boxes from Salute, I decided to take a short cut to get the first group done, eager as I am to have a completed unit of mounted troops (as these will form the supporting row for the men at arms). So most of these figures are not my paintwork; the left and right hand bases are models I was able to purchase from Stefan, whose fantastic painting and modelling skills are on show on Xututec blogThey are a mix of Perry plastic and metals, with a lovely finish on the plate armour. 

The figure bearing the Burgundian arms in the centre is a Perry herald, with head and hand swap, who was completed some time and finally found a place with this unit. The metals fit quite well on plastic horses, as long as you cut away the back part of the saddle on the horse.

The delay was entirely down to my loss of concentration when basing. Having prised Stefan’s figures from the bases he’d attached them to, I then glued them to my bases. After some deliberation, I’d decided to mount them on the same size bases as the men at arms, which is an 80mm depth and 60mm frontage. Figures were attached and filler, stones and sand glued, ready for painting – when I realised that I’d attached them using the long side as the front! At this point I lost some traction, as I was so annoyed with myself I couldn’t immediately face the prospect of removing them again and repeating the base work.

All sorted now however and hopefully a second contingent will be along very soon; most figures are all 
done apart from marrying riders to their mounts (…and the basing up!)


The inclusion of some crossbowmen among the rear rank, reflects the composition of mounted troops in the contemporary illustrations attributed to the Master WA from the last quarter of the fifteenth century. I’ve referenced these engravings before and they are almost the only images of late mediaeval soldiers in formation that I'm aware of. A front rank of spear armed cavalry are supported by two rows of crossbowmen. Whilst they may have fought as a mixed arms unit, with the crossbows supporting, on the wargames table (when this army finally makes an appearance) I plan to treat them as spear/lance 
armed cavalrymen. However I’ll probably include some more crossbows in another Coustiller group.

More along soon, I hope.


  1. Hello,
    Excellent Stuff, as always !!!!

  2. These look excellent, I think the mix of metals and plastics works really well. I feel your pain with the basing mistake! Two thirds of the way through my first box of the perry light cavalry myself.

  3. Excellent indeed. The minis painted by Stefan (who's a true master) blend in nicely with your own brushwork, they are very hard to tell apart. Add to that your sense for basing and how to create dynamic units and you got a fabulous addition to your already amazing Burgundian forces. Congrats, Simon!

    Cheers, Tilman

  4. Superbly painted additions to your Burgundian army!
    The sheer amount of study and homework you have done of contemporary resources really shows in the final details of all your finished figures!

  5. Wow, stunning job as always!

  6. Worth the wait, I cringed at the basing faux pas as I've been there a number of times myself. Excellent as ever and a very nice blog recommendation to boot. Looking forward to the 100% Chick instalment

  7. TOP NOTCH !! that man.