Tuesday 2 July 2013

Ducal banner bearer and lance holder - WIP.

An interim posting of prepared figures, ready for painting. These will complete the base for the duke of Burgundy, who along with his herald, are already completed and on an earlier post.

The mounted figure will be carrying a large banner of the arms of Burgundy. He’s another great conversion of a Perry plastic that Oliver at Steel Fist has done. The figure is based on one from the Beauchamp Pageant, which was used for as the basis of the standard bearer on the cover illustration of Osprey’s ‘Wars of the Roses’. Oliver has added a new head wearing a wonderful domed kettlehelm and mail sleeves. Sword scabbard is to be added.

I’ve converted a Perry plastic horse. The more passive stance is the result of cutting two different assembled horses at the mid-saddle point and then attaching the different halves together. I’ve added caparison to the horse's hind quarters using the method that worked OK on the duke’s mount – cutting and gluing thin foil (from a paper template I make first) and then coating with a wash of GW’s green stuff. The peytrals have had the original moulded detail removed and a St Andrew’s cross added from one of my press mouldings (..more of Oliver’s great handiwork), blended in with green stuff. A plume has been added to the chamfron.

The duke’s lance holder is a simpler conversion. He started out as a master gunner in a Perry artillery pack. A new hand now holds the lance and in addition to a plastic head replacement (looking slightly up at the duke on his horse), I’ve added a chaperon being worn in a way that’s commonly shown in Flemish and other contemporary illustrations.

It’ll be some time before these see any paint, as I have other immediate commitments, but I’ll post up the finished base.


  1. Ace conversion work again. That really brings those illustrations to life. Love the herald's helmet in particular. Very well done!

    Cheers, SG

  2. Great conversion. looking forward to seeing the finished chap :-)


  3. Looking good, very nice conversion work!

  4. Ditto all of the above. The standard bearer looks to be straight out of the Beauchamp Pageant, I like the mail shoulders and Oliver has done a fantastic job on the head - very much a bespoke piece.