Saturday 20 July 2013

Burgundian Halbardiers (II)

Having intended to start more mounted men at arms for my Burgundians, my immediate plans were changed by the discovery of a dozen finished halbardiers. These had been painted for me last year by Chris Thompson and had been packed away in a box under my desk which I’d completely overlooked since then! (Note to self...brain cells dying...must write more things down...!)  So I’ve been prompted to add another seven figures, to create a second contingent of Burgundian Ordonnance halbardiers, on my usual three-base elements.

The figures are mainly Perry metals, with a couple of headswops from the plastics. These are very finely detailed figures. I’ve included some Italian castings, as mercenaries recruited for the Ordonnance Companies, and utilising shields bearing Charles the Bold’s devices (applied and trimmed down LBMS pavise transfers) , for which I have no contemporary references, but they create a bit of nice looking variation.  

The flags are from printed sheets, which I was very kindly given by fellow bloggers (so many thanks guys!), which I believe Bruno Allanson originally designed but were not made commercially available – I’d still like to obtain some more if anyone has any they don’t need please? The detail on them is great, although they are quite large for my liking and I may re-size them down a little before I finally finish off this unit. One is a pennon bearing the duke's 'je lay emprins' motto with cross and flints, the other is a red flag bearing a cross of St Andrew and flints, which is recorded among the items captured at Grandson and brought back to Bern.

The scenic basing will be completed following my summer holiday, which is imminent. I may fiddle around with the final composition of the figures, so expect some minor changes when I post the finished unit. (Sorry about the poorer quality pictures, my daughter's taken my usual camera on a trip abroad.)

Assuming I don’t find any more gems hidden away, it will be mounted troops next!


  1. Greate looking minis !!!

    Very well painted !

    best regards Michael

  2. Lovely. The look very aggresive as the should be.

  3. They look absolutely tremendous!

  4. Fantastic results, the details on the faces are unbelievable. I’m going to need a magnifying glass if I ever want to achieve anything even close to your quality. Well done.

  5. Lovely stuff. Looks like Mr. Thompson does good work.


  6. Excellent work, Simon. I was surprised to read that the shield is a transfer - it looked to me that you'd painted it yourself!

    Kind regards