Monday, 31 December 2012

Adrian von Bubenberg

This command base represents Adrian von Bubenberg (1434 - 1479) who was a Swiss Confederate leader at the battle of Morat, using another of Pete's excellent Swiss flags (from the commanders sheet). This is the last vignette for Swiss commanders that I'm going to do until we hopefully get some metals for the Perrys EA Range - perhaps something to look forward to in 2013? The figures have been sitting on my desk in a state of partial completeness for many months, since I started the other Swiss command vignettes, so it's good to get them done.

Von Bubenberg was a prominent political figure in Bern, where he was mayor on several occasions from 1468. He led negotiations with other Confederate cantons against the expansionist plans of Charles the Bold in the 1470s, being Bern's ambassador at the Burgundian court. He was in command of the town of Morat when it was besieged by the Burgundian army in June 1476. Bubenberg successfully led the defence of the town for 12 days, until the relieving force arrived and defeated the duke's army outside the walls of the town.

All the figures have had some minor conversion work done. Von Bubenberg is a plastic figure from the Perry Bills and Bows command sprue. His right arm is from the mounted Men at Arms box, with a two-handed sword added from a Games Workshop plastic spare. The illustrated Swiss chronicles of the period show several figures armed in this way - I'm not sure if they just represent leaders or reflect the prominence of two-handed soldiers in full harness in Swiss armies. Perhaps such troops fought on the edges and front ranks of pike blocs? The head is a Perry Swiss metal with a beard added with putty. The drummer is a Games Workshop/Citadel Empire figure (of 'slotta' base vintage). I originally painted up the figure, but then decided that his attire was too anachronistic - his plumed hat is really reflective of the start of the Italian Wars (see pic below) and he didn't compliment the vignette. So I luckily found another casting and did a head-swop with another Perry Swiss head casting and also removed the odd knee defence on the left leg.

The flagbearer is another GW/Citadel figure, from the 'Pikemen of Alcatani' set, which are very usable if elements of fantasy attire are removed, in this case another headswop, with a plastic one with a putty scarf added. The halbardier is a Perry metal from one of the many Wars of the Roses wagons sets; his hand holding horse reins converted to hold a halbard. He works nicely as a soldier of Morat in his civilian attire.

And just to complete the postings for this year, I've prepared the last two horses for my next men at arms unit. They're assembled straight from the box, but with some enhanced tack, just to create variety within the unit. One has simply had the studs removed and the scalloped edges cut to be a straight edge. The other is based loosely on Durer's drawing of a German Knight of 1489, with putty and sprue hanging straps added.

A Happy New Year to's to a great 2013.


  1. Happy New Year Simon !

    And of course this last command base is awesome !


  2. Another lovely vignette!
    happy new year !

  3. Stunning Work !!!

    Happy New Year!!!

    Best regards Michael

  4. Great command set, I agree some of those old citadel figures are great for this period or a bit later.

    Happy New Year

  5. An absolute stunner!

    Have a great new Year, but don't neglect my entertainment . . .


  6. Beautiful work!! Have a great New Year!

  7. That's a wonderful command stand!


  8. Great work Simon. Happy New Year to you and your family.



  9. I really like the metal on the armour, and the detail on the drum.

  10. A stunning little vignette.
    Happy New Year,

  11. you begin the new year with yet another great inspirational piece! i hope my Bubenburg comes out half as nice as yours! of course at the rate i am going it'll be 2014 before we will find out..

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