Saturday 12 January 2013

Works of Progress (I)

Many thanks to all who voted in the poll. I was pleased with how the Lord Chalons group worked out  so it’s nice to see them as the winner, although it was ‘Cyril’ the Bernese bear who made the initial running with the votes. I’m astonished that over a hundred votes were cast; beforehand I was contemplating that I would get about 25 in all.

At present I'm  flitting about rather unproductively - starting several things but not getting any of them near to completion. So it looks like a number of work in progress posts will be forthcoming. I have to complete my mounted men at arms and have started some Ordonnance coustillers and more handgunners; making minor conversions which the plastics allow you to have a go at, coupled my limited putty-pushing skills. In addition I’m making my first terrain tiles for the critical river sections for a Cravant 1423 game at this year’s Salute using my HYW figures. My natural inability to cut straight edges has slowed this down - as all the related filling and gluing is taking an age to dry out in my garage in the damp winter weather!

This is another base that’s at a WIP stage. It owes it’s existence entirely to ‘Admiral Benbow’ on the excellent LAF Forum, from whom I have shamelessly plundered his great idea of converting Perry plastic figures to create a Burgundian crapaudeux being manhandled into position by it’s crew. The Admiral (Michael) used all plastic figures, but I’ve mixed in a couple of Perry metals who seemed to have useful poses. All the figures have had some work on them to change arms and/or hands, carefully removed with a scalpel from the Mercenaries and Bills & Bows sprues. The gun is a Perry metal. The master gunner holds a lindstock created from a trimmed-down halberd with thin wire added as the fuse.  His arm needs some work to hide the new joint and I’m unsure if this will be the head that I end up using.

Hopefully the end result will represent a moment that is likely to have occurred at both the battles of Grandson and Morat, when the rapid advance of the Swiss Confederation created surprise among the Burgundians. This must have created a need to urgently realign and discharge the field guns onto the advancing Swiss.


  1. Looks fantastic, I may attempt something like this myself. Looking forward. To the painted version!

  2. Looking very good, you realy got a good movement in them.

    best regards Michael

  3. This is looking very good and I am keen to see your terrain tiles.

  4. Wheeling the guns about to face a new threat...Great idea.

  5. Splendid cannon and crew.
    By the way can I ask what Medieval wargaming rules you use or favour?

  6. Excellent conversion skills; the poses look really natural and the well selected expressions all share some haste.

  7. more brilliant work! i can't wait to see this group painted up! makes me want to go hack up a few perry plastic figs and see what i can come up with!

  8. That looks super! As has already been said before - it makes me want to open some of my Perry plastics boxes and get carving!

  9. REally quite inspiring. Brilliant idea.
    Can't wait to see it done up.