Wednesday 6 July 2011

Ordonnance Crossbowmen

Either side of my castles sojourn, I started and completed my first Burgundian crossbow unit. My initial plan of a pavise bearing contingent has been put on hold, as I want to see if any future metals could be utilised to create a few more different poses. These are plastics and metals fom Perry range, with some conversions which have been posted earlier. It is likely that the Burgundians did not spilt out troops armed with crossbows and handguns into distinct units and they were most probably mixed on the battlefield as 'sleeves' of shot. However wargame rules have a different approach and so I've fallen into line to be able to use Impetus rules (and others). However I could easily swop in a handgun base for better visual appeal.

More Burgundians in progress on the painting table...


  1. Great looking miniatures and nice basing. Really taken with Impetus myself.


  2. Somehow my comments on your latest entries showing the reenactors disappeared. :-(
    Anyway, here's another try to express my deepest admiration for your blog. Great paintjob on these figs and lovely basing as always!


  3. Hi

    Very nice unit and god inspiration as ever!

    In Hail Caesar it would absolute be possible to field a mixed Crossbow/Handgun unit...

    Best Regards Dalauppror

  4. Nice work as usual Simon, i like the boots conversion.

    A mixed base, now there's a thought, I think that could look rather nice - especially with pavises, perhaps try one as a command base?