Friday 1 July 2011

Gruyeres - IV

A final post from my trip. These are images of the medieval castle and walls of the hilltop town. The walls are not complete and do not now encircle the whole town, but there are substantial pieces intact, which include gateways. All the walls are rendered and have protected, covered walkways. All the walls are rendered and the roofs are wooden shingles in the main, which I assume replicates the methods used in the medieval period.

Also, within the castle are a few pieces of armour, from sixteenth century and a couple of vestments, worn by clergy, and dating from the 1470s as part of the booty captured from Charles the Bold. The intricate sewing of Burgundian herladic imagery is impressive and the state of preservation is remarkable given their age. Now how do I paint that on a 28mm figure?!!

Normal service and miniature figures will resume soon...!


  1. These are great photos. I will have to visit this town one day.