Friday, 15 July 2011

"A Chalons! A Bourgoyne!"

A contingent representing Louis Lord Chalons, seigneur of Chateau Guyon, leading his enthusiastic household and retinue of Burgundian dismounted men at arms. Chalons was from the Franche-Comte region and was made a knight of the Golden Fleece in 1468. He commanded the left wing at the battle of Grandson in February 1476, where he was killed. According to an account he was leading an attack to capture the banner of Schwyz canton, but it may have been that he died in the rout of Charles's army at the battle.

The format for the unit has been inspired by Dave Andrews beautiful command stand of Edward IV at the Perrys Tewkesbury game at the Salute show of 2010. It comprises of three bases, all 60mm frontage, but with the middle one for the mounted figures having an 80mm depth to enable it to be used with mounted units when these are done. The mounted figures are Perry WotR range, whist the 'wings' are a mix of Perry plastics and metals from the WotR & EA ranges. Some figures have been slightly enhanced; with the addition of plumes, scarves, a couple of weapon changes and re-positioning of arms, to create a coherent group focussed on their lord as they advance towards the enemy. The flags are all free downloads.

I'm pleased with the overall layout, given the extra time that I've had to put in. On to a more mundane Ordonnance pike bloc next - 36 figures planned so I'll need to speed up the painting process somewhat! Hopefully will get the rear-rankers done in the next few weeks.


  1. Simply outstanding, a very nice looking unit you have there Simon, the extra time spent really does show, well done !


  2. Great work lots of movement!

  3. Very nice unit !!!

    Best regards Dalauppror