Saturday 29 May 2010

Northampton (3) - Grey of Ruthin

The first Lancastrian leader and I've taken the liberty of a bit of a shortcut.

For the Salute game I'd managed to get a small unit done for Grey (who by 1471 was earl of Kent and an established Yorkist courtier), see the 9 April blog entry, so I've re-used those men-at-arms with Grey's standard and added the mounted figures on a separate 50mm square base.

Lord Grey of Ruthin's treachoury against Henry VI seems to be the main reason that the battle lasted no more than 30 minutes, as he and his retainers lay down their arms, in a pre-arranged agreement with Warwick according to 'An English Chronicle' (although other accounts say that fighting lasted 3 hours before Grey switched sides).

I've used the Perry's Wenlock figure as Grey, contemplating at what point to turncoat his affinity, whilst his page (bearing his livery badge of a black staff) holds his armet.

Had a bit of a struggle with the matt varnish on these. For some reason the acrylic varnish I've used upto now dried too satin, and then a coat of Humbrol matt varnish (which i think I've had knocking around too long) came out even glossier, and so had to resort to the trusty Matt Cote for the cloths on the mounted figures...hey ho.


  1. I really don't know how I missed the last two posts!

    Great looking stuff Simon.

    Any chance the demo game will be travelling North? I'd love to see it first hand.


  2. Lovely work,


  3. These look great Simon. I've had similar problems with humbrol matt varnish; one thing that I have found works really well is to put the sealed varnish paint pot in a mug of very hot water for a few minutes and then give it a good stir and shake and it's fine. I'm no chemist but the heat definately does something and this has worked every time for me.