Saturday, 29 May 2010

Northampton (2) - Fauconberg

The next Yorkist command stand, William Neville lord Fauconberg, who commanded the right battle. He was nephew of the earl of Warwick and had a colourful political and military career during the wars of the roses. After the battle he was rewarded with the post of lieutenant of Calais, a notorious Neville stronghold and after fighting at Towton he became earl of Kent in 1462. It was Fauconberg who oppossed Ruthin at Northampton and whose troops appear to have been the first to break into the Lancastrian defended encampment follwing Ruthin's change of alliegence.

The figures are Perrys - metal mounted characters and plastic billmen - the latter straight from the box with the exception of the billmen urging men forward on the right side. All done with dip. I've not added the Fauconberg livery badge of the fishhook (as the rest of the contingent won't have it either as they've been pressed into service as Nevilles due to their generic blue and white livery coats). Flag is LBMS.
Off to procure the abbey buildings from Grand Manner at Partizan show tomorrow.


  1. Nice minis as usual Simon ! ;)

    Be good to see the units in a group shot !



  2. Nice work Simon on the miniatures and base.