Sunday 21 May 2017

Urban Outfitters

A year back I saw close-up the medieval town walls that David Marshall of TM Terrain had made for Stuart for his early Tudor collection. I was particularly struck by the finely detailed carved Flemish Bond brickwork and immediately started to collate ideas in order to place an order. The result are these late medieval buildings made by David, which I received recently.

The building style is Flemish, with most of the visual ideas culled from studying closely the many background details of Flemish religous paintings from the later fifteenth century, although they'll not be out of place in any northern European setting. It represents an upper class dwelling, either urban or rural, protected by a tower and high brick walls. They comprise of 5 separate buildings and 3 gate/wall sections and are intended to be used in a number of combinations and layouts, to maximise usage (as well as allow for future additions).

David's done a fantastic job on the brick and stonework, using laser-cut designed windows for the tower and rear of the hall. David's a talented modelmaker and works very consientously on the construction, providing lots of update pictures and checking details, to ensure that all the pieces aligned etc. I added some metal cast Tudor style chimneys to the hall and a brass weather vane to the stables.

The photos show some of the layout options I can use. I now need to make some occupants; a mix of civilian types and some military muscle with weapons angled for use on the tower and walls. Will ensure that at least some of these buildings get an outing in my next game.



  1. Simon this is simply stunning, I think some of the best terrain I have seen! I don't know if you have ever been to Brussels but it really reminds me of the Hotel Ravenstein in the city centre, especially when the model is set out as a walled manor house. It's even the same colour!

  2. It's just simply awe inspiring. Excellent client architect relationship there and I hope you'll add to it - I'm looking forward to the bespoke gaming scenarios that you think of.

    Please do a follow up when you've furnished it with occupants and other bits.


  3. My goodness me, that is absolutely stunning!

  4. Fantastic buildings, Simon.

  5. Wow! That looks utterly fantastic!


  6. Excellent models, think I'd be more interested in studying the terrain than playing a game!

  7. That is a work of art sir. you must be very pleased with your commission


  8. Beautiful photos, but even more beautiful the miniatures and the castle. So far, I have not seen, on this scale, figures more gorgeous than yours in the many wargame sites I visit on the web. Allow me to congratulate you and express my admiration. Best regards from the distant Argentine Republic. Carlos

    1. Thank you Carlos - you too have a great blog. Love those handmade trees!

  9. Lovely bit of architectural model making, I look forward to you filling the space with your terrific site specific vignettes!
    Best Iain

  10. Simon your brick work is superb, and love the touch of the shrine in the corner of the piece. In stead of a Free Mason, you sir, are a Wee Mason!
    Thanks for sharing.

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