Tuesday 10 January 2017

Swiss Crossbowmen (I)

As mentioned, prep on a first unit of Swiss crossbowmen has been done. As with my Burgundians, these skirmishers will be composed of nine figures, three per base.

All of these use Perry plastics, from the Mercenaries box with extra arms selected from Light Cavalry and Agincourt French Infantry boxes. I've tried to do some work on them to reflect the images in the Berne Chronicles that are available online - these images will be my reference points for all Swiss troops. So this has meant applying some green stuff to either add mail shirts or convert existing tabards to coats.

I'm satisfied with the finished figures; for me using green stuff has to be a gradual process where I can only apply a small area on each figure before letting it set hard, then returning to do the next area. So this has been a relatively slow process, with other painting progressing alongside. I'm particularly pleased with the figure reaching for the spare bolts tucked in the neck of his coat - as spotted in the Tschatchlan Chronicles of 1470s.

Will post again when painted and based up.


  1. A superb and very prolix work as always,I really like the detail of the swiss crossbowman taking a crossbow bolt from his back,its just awesome that you can do any pose you want with only attach things,make details with green stuff or introduce things of other sets

    btw Simon,have you got more info about these Tschatchlan Chronicles ?

    1. Thanks Juan.
      The Tschatchlan Chronicle does not appear to be online yet. I keep all pictures I can find in a Pintrest folder. here: https://uk.pinterest.com/simonchick/tschachtlan-1470/
      hope that helps?

    2. yes,its pretty good,thanks a lot

      could you make these vignettes next time?

      here it seems 2 swiss killing a cow


      here hunting a bear


      here i dont know if they are surrounding burgies or just forcing them to go to the river and make them drown


    3. I think that there are many interesting details in this Chronicle - made a little earlier than the Berne ones - which intrigue me. I may well use them as inspiration, as my Swiss army progresses!

  2. Great work on these crossbow men and yes the chap removing the bolt from the neck of his jacket is fabulous.
    Best Iain