Tuesday 13 October 2015

A little Tudor outing to BLAM.

At the weekend some of my figures had another outing from their cabinets; contributing to a game at BLAM (British Lead Adventurer Miniatures) forum's gaming weekend, in deepest Surbiton.
Its a really well organised long weekend, with five different  2-hour participation games put on each day (on 6 x 4 Tables) and a bigger bash on the Sunday.

Stuart Mulligan took along selected units of his Tudors and French, with my terrain and a limbered bombard vignette I made, to play a Last Apostle scenario, in which Tudor forces have to rescue their artillery piece after its marooned in a deep stream. This was based on actual events from Henry VIII's 1513 campaign in France.

All good fun - rules were Lion Rampant - which work well for a quick skirmish type game for later medievals, One game was drawn and the other a clear French win. It was great to meet new folk and catch up with 'older' ones too (they'll know what I mean!). Many thanks to Giles for his organisation of the event and welcoming for us occasional players.

All the photos, a report on BLAM and some interesting historical context and on Stuart's very fine blog, so please click over for a great read.


  1. Some very fine tudor gunners that you have there Simon, if only they had some friends.....

    1. Hmm, well I think I have too many distractions from the 'true Goal' of finishing my Burgundians- only slow progress last month preparing horses.
      I keep acquiring Italian types for my very possible city states 1450 foray.

  2. Very nice. I have only recently discovered your blog but I love it. I am looking at building a large knight army but perhaps not so historically bound as what you do but I am definitly a fan and I look here for inspiration. Keep on brushing and building good sir. And if you get curious maybe you can head on over to my blog once in a while to see what I am working on.

  3. Great vignette, looking forward to Italian 1450's now!

  4. Beautiful bombard. Glad I discovered this blog!

  5. Hi being Irish and having an interest in the paintings in the National Gallery in Dublin I got two Italian books about them.They are both in Italian by Massimo Predonzani. One is called Caravaggio 1448 and deals with the battle and the heraldry of those involved. it is in italian but is lavishly illustrated.The other is called Anghiari and is also very well illustrated.i think I bought them bought off an Italian site. They were pretty cheap about 20 something euro I think. They are lovely books and should give you loads of color schemes for the various warring Italian families

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