Thursday, 8 January 2015

A finishing line in 2015....

Firstly, sincere thanks for all the very kind words on the photos of the army, I do appreciate them; they provide great motivation to keep going with the conversion work and detailing. Here are a few more photos left over that I didn’t post before, to help get through that first week at work after the holidays.

Looking at the arrayed army, I’ve now been able to assess what’s required to get them to a finished state – not that they’ll ever be completely done and dusted of course.  My target is to have the Burgundian Ordonnance army done in 2015.

So the outstanding units required to be done are:
-       Pike block: a row of front rank figures with a Captain, advancing (10 figures)
-       Archers of the Guard: a new longbow contingent (18 figures)
-       Crossbow/handgunners: a mixed unit (9 figures)
-       Mounted Men at Arms: to represent Antony the Bastard of Burgundy’s contingent on fully barded mounts (9 cavalry)
-       Coustillers: a support row for all mounted men at arms, carrying lots of flags and banners, etc. This will be the main painting challenge, which the forthcoming Perry’s Light Cavalry plastics will be the main figure source for. Total of 7 units (63 cavalry)
-       Artillery:  one additional wheeled gun and crew.
-       Charles the Bold vignette – currently a WIP.
-       Vignettes – to add a bit of period flavor and dot around the table and campsites etc.

Getting to this finishing line should be achievable this year – allowing me a bit of time to paint some non-medieval figures on the way too - then it will be time to turn my attentions to the Swiss Confederation army, which needs to be about a fifth larger than the Burgundians (...ooh er!).


  1. Your knowledge, enthusiasm and eye for detail have made this blog a must see event in every post. It's a privilege to follow, can't wait for the fruition this year then the Swiss, then of course some French perhaps or why not start on a side project of the whole host in a marching pose? Truly excellent work, you have inspired many I'm sure

  2. Yet more outstanding work! Look forward to the final coming additions.


  3. Lovely painted minis and very inspirational pictures

  4. Your army is really awesome, and the photos very immersive !

  5. That's one of the most impress group of medieval figures I've seen. Excellent standard all round.

  6. Fine looking body of men there :) Look forward to your pieces to finish things off. Particularly interested to see what you do with the Archers of the Guard.

  7. Beautiful photos again! I am also looking forward to the release of the Perrys light cavalry - though I doubt that I will finish 63 of them :-)

  8. I can't believe the end may be in sight, although you have set yourself a pretty challenging target for this year! I'm looking forward to seeing your work on what is planned next, and for the massed Swiss that will follow.

  9. Stunning army and terrain!

  10. These photos should be in wargames mag IMHO. Painting is fantastic as is your very nice bases and arrangement which I like to influence mine.
    Not often you see army as nice as this. Love trees also. ? where from.

    1. Hello - the trees are a mix - many are Realistic Terrain Modelling and some purchased from john Boadle.

  11. Hello,
    Excellent painting and modeling !!! Brillant army !!!

  12. Very impressive armies, disposed on an incredible terrain!

  13. Great Work, pics and blog !
    Very inspiring for me :)