Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Putty pushing...

...of the most basic kind!

These are some pictures of a few of the Swiss Confederation pikemen, who have had helmets from various Perrys plastic boxes added, to create some variety from the turbans.

The cast on heads were removed with a small hacksaw and the new heads glued on. However the joints were a bit ugly on several, so built the collars back up with 'green stuff'. I also added a couple of small bags/purses whilst I had spare putty. The bareheaded figure has his turban hanging down from his neck, an image which I spotted in a Schilling Chronicle illustration. A couple more be-headings and helmets to add; then I'm onto painting the last batch of rear rank pikemen.

The horse will be used for another Burgundian man at arms. I used green stuff again to extend the depth of the barding, to enable me to possibly paint on a device and I attempted to add a chamfron too. These represent the limit of my sculpting skills. My key learning from this is to complete it in small steps. I've let the putty harden before tidying up what's been done, with scalpel and smoothing files, before adding the next step with more putty. This takes more time, but at least I'm getting modest results, which I'm happy with.


  1. Excellent conversion work Simon, I especially like the chap with his plumed turban hanging down his back and the small purses/bags you have made, some skilful sculpting in itself!

  2. Me too, this one really stands out among an impressive group

  3. great stuff! its amazing how simple conversions can really add to the effect. looking forward to seeing this pike block when its all finished!