Thursday, 9 January 2014

Berne pike - more WIP

These are a few more Swiss Confederation pikemen for the rear ranks of my pike block done this week. I'm not going to post all my works in progress, as it'll undoubtedly get awfully tedious, but I'm also fiddling with a new camera I purchased at Christmas, trying to get a grip of the best settings for indoor pics of figures. Not sure these are an improvement on my previous (cheaper!) camera - colours look quite different on the models to my eye, but I'll persevere.

These are Perry plastics (all bar two) with heads from the Swiss heads pack. Next batch will be the opposite -  Swiss metals with plastic heads to add a selection of helmets.


  1. I am still messing with my camera 4 months on from purchasing it.
    Anyway these look great Simon, I love the way you are mixing the Bernese canton colours with more drab everyday medieval clothing ,and the Swiss heads set is really adding to the look of these.
    Looking forward to this huge Swiss pike bloc take shape

    Regards ,Chris

  2. Very nice, great paintwork!

  3. very nice indeed! this is exactly the shot in the arm i need to finish my Swiss figures that i have sitting half started on the workbench. that even includes a few that you have posted here and in the previous post. i have been dragging my feet too long on these and keep getting distracted with other things, but this has definitely refocused my attention on my Swiss army. many thanks!

    1. Glad to hear - look forward to seeing them. Think several people will be doing Swiss armies this year.

  4. Excellent paint work Simon!

    Best regards Michael

  5. There's definitely a different look to the photography, the colours appear enhanced and the lighting is good as well. I'm liking this painting spree, most inspiring as usual.