Saturday, 22 June 2013

Burgundian skirmishers (second base)

My next base of the Burgundian skirmishers completed, with one more to go.

This is more straightforward one than the previous; the figures are two plastic assemblies (one with a metal head wearing a 'cappuccio' to represent an Italian mercenary in Burgundian service) and the kneeling crossbowman is from one of the Perry Italians packs. I considered extending the fence across all three bases, but this would have limited my options to use them with existing handgun and crossbow bases.

That's it really, next one is on the painting table...


  1. Great ones, some fantastic details!

  2. Well done! Maybe attach a pavise for the xbows?

    1. Hum... a good idea, may well do that (on this base or the next).
      Cheers, simon.

  3. Excellent work, has the kneeling chap got a larger crossbow than what they come with? I just received a pack of Italian crossbow men and thought they were a bit small in comparison