Friday 23 September 2011

Ordonnance Longbowmen (III)

I've based up the figures that Archiduke painted for me to complete my third Ordonnance company of longbowmen. The large arrow bag, based on ones shown in the Berne Chronicles, was made from ProCreate putty. The company flag is a download and is reflects a common layout for Burgundian Ordonnance flags used by Charles the Bold's army, encompassing saint, Burgundian flint device and Charles' personal motto. The saint illustrated is St Bartholomew, but the specific company that carried this flag is unknown. As the flint device is pierced by arrows (or possibly quarrels?) I'm happy to use it with longbow troops
Sorry that pictures aren't too good - unexpectidly sunny day here! I have the other figures painted and to be based for another longbow unit, which will complete the Ordonnance ones. These will be done very soon.


  1. Lovely figures which are very evocative of the art of the time.
    best wishes

  2. Very nice unit !!!

    Best regards Dalauppror

  3. I really like the positioning of these, very casual and lifelike. Is that the final group of longbowmen or do your listings require more, what is the proportion to pike?