Monday, 12 September 2011

Good things will come to those who wait...

As you're very probably aware, the new Perry Miniatures website has added more images of the 3-ups for the forthcoming plastic box of mounted men at arms for 1450-1500 period. The sculpting of these figures is quite outstanding - the rendering of the armour plates, helmets and weapons (as well as the destriers they ride on) is beautifully done.
As it now appears that we'll have to wait longer than hoped for the release of these figures (possibly Salute 2012) I thought I'd look at the images released so far (via TMP & Perry Mins site) to try and build a picture of what the box will contain and try to scope some of the permetations for assembling different figures (putting to one side the opportunities there will be to mix with the exsiting plastic sprues).

So what we do know for certain from information provided by Michael Perry, is that each box will contain 12 mounted figures, comprising of four different body armour styles - Italian, Italian with coat, German and English/Flemish - which broadly covers the main styles of armour manufactured in the later fifteenth century Western Europe. Each figure will have 3 different weapon arms. The critical design feature is that the fingers will be cast attached to the various weapon shafts - this appears to allow any weapon to be used with any arm (although the couched arm position will really only take a lance). In the 3-ups the seperation of fingers and wrists appears to be just discernible. So far the weapons shown are lance (which presumbaly they'll be plenty of), hammer, axe, mace and sword. Most arms should also be interchangeable with the bodies, with the exception of the German fluted armour.

We have already been shown a good number of the new heads - usable with other plastic and metal figures. I've identified eight so far (bascinet, barbute, sallet with raised visor, sallet with raised visor and pennant (for Burgundian conductors), chaperon, bare headed, deep sallet without visor and an armet with plumes - taken straight from Uccello's Rout of San Romano painting). Hopefully the number of heads on the sprues will exceed twelve and alos include some sallets with plumes too.

The horses are composed of three parts - two halves and a head/neck - which I believe follows those in other Perry plastic cavalry boxes. So far there are 2 left and 2 right halves and a total of six heads - one with chamfron and two armoured, one with plate and one with mail neck protection. The 'coup de grace' with these figures for me are the additional bardings, to apply as options on the horses - one German style (based on the Wallace Collection armour of c 1480 and the other Italian barding of c1450 from the armoury in Vienna. Perhaps we'll have to wait for the Burgundian armour on some future metals?

The sculpting is simply wonderful and for me they are the best of Michael's designs for plastics to date - all the figures are very convincingly portrayed and as they'll form the backbone of my Burgundian army, the release date can't come soon enough...


  1. WoW...can`t wait !

    I was hoping for a christmas release as with the 2 other later medieval boxes... might have to go to Salute 2012 just to get my hands on a box or 2;)

    Thanks for a very good analysis of the item!

    Best regards dalauppror

  2. Those are gorgeous, I think I can hear my wallet crying.. Great preview-review.

  3. I could definitely do something with these figures, if it were possible to have an add on pack of burgundian horse harness then that would really make the set attractive to early renaissance gamers, particularly me as the image you link to was a harness given by Maximilian to Henry VIII !

    Very good assessment Simon and worth the wait as they just get better with each update.

  4. I must say it is going to make building a French army a lot cheaper.