Friday 7 January 2011

Burgundian Ordonnance longbowmen (II)

Ok, so back on track with some pics of completed work - more Burgundian longbowmen (a year on from the first longbows, I'm a tad embarrased to say). Apologies that the images are a little 'bluish' as the daylight today is a bit dull & wintry.

These are Perry plastics, which I've been waiting to finish off, so I could use some of the new heads from the 'Mercenaries' pack for variety. I've also added a couple of arrow bags (from putty) and included one of my two-finger gesture modifications too. The flag is from Krigsspil site (free downloads ) which are really high quality for the Burgundy range. It shows a flag with an image of Saint Jude, but it's not known which Ordonnance Company this flag was associated with, so they'll remain anonymous for the time being. There is an embarassment of riches with Burgundian flags and banners, largely due to the Swiss keeping and then recording most of those they captured at Grandson, Morat and Nancy. I've been looking at how I utilise them with my planned army and I'll post more on that soon (...when I've settled on a system).

The figures are based on three 60mm square bases, effectively a 'central' base which will include commanders, flags etc and two 'wings', to form a gaming unit. This appraoch will be replicated across all the units - foot and mounted - intended to support Impetus rules, but should be flexible enough for other rule systems and could allow me to create more units by simply using only 2 bases together.
Over the holiday period I've had a modest spike in new followers, not sure why this was in a period of no posts, but it's very pleasing all the same and so welcome to you all; I hope that they'll be something of interest coming along in 2011. The Perry WotR range that I'm using for these armies, has had some great new recent releases, including Swiss metals heads, so I'm very enthused re this collection at the moment. Currently I have a first unit of Burgundian Ordonnance handgunners are at the construction/prep stage.


  1. Lovely work as always.

    I'm looking forward in seeing the Handgunners.



  2. Good to see some Burgundians again, these were worth the wait, the new heads should really add some character. Do you think you may be de-railled into building up a force of Swiss adversaries?

  3. These look fantastic - love the strings on the bows and the stubble effects.

    Best wishes


  4. Nice work, made my way here while searching google images for Bombard refs.

    Building the Perry model too, hopefully I'll do it justice.

  5. A really nice burgundian unit. Congratulations Simon !

    Bourgogne ! Noël ! Saint André ! ;)


  6. Thanks for all the comments.
    Sturat - yes swiss are planned, and indeed started some tiem back with a couple of pike blocs using the Dave Andrews' designed Foundry figs. I have loads of casting of these, so will use (in seperate units) along with the Perrys.