Friday 25 June 2010

Northampton (6) - Shrewsbury

The last of the command bases I'm doing for the game - hurray!! John Talbot, second earl of Shrewsbury leader of the Lancastrian main 'battle'. He had been in the king's government, holding the posts of Lord Chancellor of Ireland and Treasurer to the king and was killed in the fighting on 10 July 1460.
The model for the earl is another quick conversion of a Perry metal - this time the 'duke of York' - who 'sacrificed' his head for a swop on the earl of March base and so has had a plastic one reattached, with a little Procreate putty to fill the gap to his mail collar. The rest of the figures are pretty much out of the box and dipped again. Although I do prefer figures that have been completely handpainted to dipped, I'm tempted to carry on with part-dipping for other medievals I'll be doing after this project; probably restricted just to jacks/padded coats and as shading on faces/hands, where the dip catches the fine sculpting lines and can be highlighted up and then matted down with varnish - we'll see.
Now am moving on to the scenic items I need to visually locate the battle in the right place - all purchased and now in need of undercoat and paint - these will be part of the De La Pre Abbey, a wall and gatehouse for the abbey & an orchard and the Lancastrian field defences.


  1. Nice and I always like your background shots as well.


  2. Très beau travail et jolie présentation photographique !

  3. Simon, I must say that you're rate of painting is astonishingly impressive! looking forward to seeing the scenery and with a bit of luck i might be able to make it to Northampton on the 10th, i'll come and say hello if i do.

    Keep it up (but remember to stop now and again!)

  4. Really nice work Simon, thanks for sharing.


  5. Great stuff again and at a great pace too Simon!

    Please make sure you take a camera to the Battlefield Trust event and take many a picture of what is shaping up to be afantastic game.

    Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to make it down- I did try- as helpfull and considerate as she is- she wasn't very amused :O)))

  6. Thanks for the comments; Darrell - yes will be taking camera and plan to post pics here; we'll have to sort a meeting at some point this year! Stuart - it would be great to see you if you can make it, hopefully the layout will be a bit of 'eye candy' that'll contribute to the day.
    The pace is all self-inflicted, but there's nothing to focus best use of time like a deadline... currently have bits of scenery everywhere at different stages of completion, will post them soonest.

  7. Simon,

    I think we should pencil in Partizan in September as i'm unlikey to be at any the bigger shows other than Claymore this year.