Saturday 5 June 2010

Northampton (4) - March

Edward, earl of March leading his household into the fray.

One of the highlights of the Perry's Salute Tewkesbury game were figures that Dave Andrews had done - one being Edward IV, using mainly the plastic men at arms sprue figures with conversions to form a vignette that tells a story and where all the figure seem to interact. As imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and with my lesser abilities for figure conversion, I've used it as a template for this command stand (I really hope you don't mind Dave?) and plan to do a similiar one for one of my Burgundian commands at a future date, perhaps including some of the forthcoming metal command figures.

The figure holding his sallet aloft has had the head from one of the metals added (York, I think) and the rest is achieved with a repositioning of arms, pinned and then any unsightly gaps filled with green stuff.

Figures all dipped and faces have been retouched with highlights. Edward's horse handpainted. Pics snapped outside rather than the indoor 'studio' set. Flags are from the Perry box.

All the Yorkist leaders are now done... on to Buckingham..


  1. Loved the Salute vignette from first sight myself. I'm planning to try an 'imitation' for the CiC's base of my 1400 Impetus army. Might not be the last one...
    So, many thanks for the insights into how you build yours.


  2. Lovely conversion work and a joy to see, well done.

    The new metals looks good too.


  3. You're getting good at these conversions Simon! the poses all look really natural and you really do show that there are endless possibilities with a boxed set, green stuff and some patience and imagination. Next time you do a conversion take a couple of step by step snaps, i've not really used green stuff before and would be interested to see how you use it.



  4. A very, very impressive sight Simon! It looks really fantastic! In fact, I have already removed Henry V's shield from his page in order to add it to one of the WotR nobles bodies :O))

    I wouldn't be too worried about being influenced by others... if we were all go too far down that route we'd all still be applying ochre handprints to cave walls.

    Now, how am I going to get down to Northampton to see the game.... hmmmm....