Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Salute contingent (IV) - tents etc

The last bits and bobs for the Salute Tewkesbury game, finished just in the nick of time.
Tents and related hangers-on will be lurking at the back somewhere, probably behind the Lancastrian army as they appear to have been encamped nearer the battlefield. The tents are from Steve Barber Models, with guide-ropes added from florist wire, on 'Warbases' circular mdf bases which Martin delivered in very short time (thanks!). The latin religous motto was spotted at recent trip to Warwick Castle on a re-enactor's tent and adapted here in a simpler form. The smaller ridge tent is from Valdermar Miniatures, from Denmark (I think), makers of some very interesting metal and resin medieval figures in 1/72nd scale. So although this is effectively 20mm, it seems to work OK for these figures as a more modest tent; some personal possessions (bedrolls, chest, etc) will be added inside one day.
The figures are Foundry, with exception of the Mark Copplestone-designed man at arms (a 'Wargames Illustrated' subs giveaway of a couple of years ago) and baggage items are a mix, inc Foundry and Front Rank.
Flagbearer is another Perry plastic converted bowman, holding LBMS English royal arms.

Pics taken with new camera, with flash and artificial light, can you tell any difference yet?

Next stop, ExCel....


  1. Very nice work.Nice theme to it as well.


  2. Very sweet.


  3. Great stuff- haven't got much time as I've got a dose of man flu- please don't forget that new camera come this weekend ;O)


  4. These are great, I think you'll have an excellent weekend, make sure you take lots of photographs!

    I think once you've got the backlighting right the flash works well, I find it very hit and miss.

    What seems to work best for me is to have daylight to one side and an angle poised lamp with a daylight bulb above - i usually then don't need the flash, or at least find better results without it.

    If i'm taking photographs without daylight then i use 2 angle poised lamps with daylight bulbs and the light in the room, this usually also negates the flash.

    I'm not keen on the flash but there again the one i have is quite a powerful one. That's my preference anyway.

    That said, these photographs look great, certainly easier for you to do than setting up outside i imagine?

    Cheers, and keep them coming, although working and eating should take precedence now and again :)

  5. Oh, I hadn't see these beautiful pictures !

    Nice job again Simon !